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ATIC & MG Center For Excellence is a global voice for life skills, spiritual and economic hope, encouragement and empowerment for local and worldwide communities. We provide community development programs and provide community services to help and empower under-privileged families in our communities.


ATIC & MG Center for Excellence is a non-profit organization, dedicated and committed to improving the quality of education, community service and resources to at-risk-youth and their family unit, by offering continuous effective community development programs to disenfranchised populations in the areas of academics, mentoring, scholarships, leadership development & life skills and home buyer budgeting education for low to moderate income families.

Projects for People in Transitions:

  • Mentoring & Computer Lab Tutoring
  • College Leadership Symposiums/Seminars
  • Financial Literacy Education
  • Life Skills Seminars for Veterans in Transition
  • Read to Succeed Literacy Education
  • Multiculturalism (Arts & Music) Seminars
  • Supports Feeding Homeless and Children’s Hungry Project Initiatives
  • Ministry Outreach Forums

We Exist to Help the Community

Our non-profit organization is developed to help the community. Our experience staff of volunteers and professionals in industry will help you to accomplish your goals. We provided professional expertise to empower you to succeed and serve. Our vision enables us to partner with local churches, youth groups, organizations, and institutes of higher learning to prepare the next generation of youth leaders regardless of age, race or ethnicity. We believe in Faith based initiatives.

Find that which you love doing and that which you do well.When you put those two together, you have put into place the roadmap for a successful and satisfying life.

Gen. Colin Powell, Former Secretary of State


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What we can do for you!

The Way Ahead: Project "FLAST"

Project “FLAST” (Foundational Links For Academics, Science & Technology) is the academic foundation that is designed to improve the educational preparation of students who are at-risk through tutoring intervention, leadership development, character education, computer technology and mentoring services during evening hours, after-school for high school and elementary students. Ages 13 – 17.


For senior citizens and families with low income. Services include homeowners’ education and down payment assistance programs designed to help individuals become homeowners. Partnership with the Department of Housing and Urban Development and other Economic Development Corporations to provide eduction and eligibility.


Conducted for faith-based and nonprofit organizations to assist them in obtaining federal funding to provide community social services:
-To Women (18-25)
-To Young At Heart (60 and up)
-Youth with Possibilities and Potential
-Ministry Outreach (Partnerships with local churches)


Offered to high school students and their parents interested in the college selection and admissions process, the financial aid process (FASFA), and scholarship information. ).There are two college “road trips” (March and July during school breaks).


Money management, debit cards, identity theft, credit scores. (adults: estate planning, retirement, vacation resources).

Contact Info:

Email: officeassistance@mgc4e.org
Tel: (321)-537-5002

Hello, I’m Amicitia Maloon-Gibson.

Founder & President